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Constant and nagging pain is one of the worst feelings. Unfortunately various reasons like lifestyle choices, injuries or simply advancing age can lead to constant pain at various parts of the body. Mantra has a unique service to specifically deal with pain. We employ a range of five major techniques to provide a long term solution to our members. These five methods are:

Spinal & Joint Mobilization.

This method works if you are suffering from joint stiffness.

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After evaluating your problem our experienced team of Physiotherapists may advise you to go for Peripheral Joint Mobilisation. This technique uses specialized movements on a particular section of the body, under the guidance of an experienced Physiotherapist. This technique relaxes stiff spinal muscles in a matter of minutes; it also helps in reducing restrictive muscle spasm and mobilising joints.

Neural Mobilization

Chronic and intense pain can also be caused by the nerves. Like muscles, our nerve tissues can also stretch and contract leading to restricted movement and various degrees of pain.

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Our Physiotherapists are well versed in Neural Mobilisation, a technique used to ease nervous tension, reduce pain and improve nervous system functions. This technique is also famous for reduce the progression of degenerative joint and disc disease.


Sometimes our joints feel unstable and painful in some specific postures and activities leading to restricted and painful movements. These cases, if left untreated, often worsen with time.

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Kinesio Taping however may be the ideal solution. This is a specialized support and function enhancing treatment to strengthen joints and ease joint pain. We have Physiotherapists who are specialists in Kinesto Taping. You can avail their help whenever you want to.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is also an immensely effective technique to reduce pain.

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Although this technique too uses a needle, it is very different from Acupuncture. Dry Needling is an entirely modern western invention. This technique helps to soothe painful trigger points to improve pain control, reduce muscular tension and normalize nerve-muscle interaction.

Electro Therapy

Nerve pain is basically an electrical signal is sent from a damaged nerve to the brain. Electro Therapy uses electrical stimulation.

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These stimulations work by sending out its own electrical impulses. These charges interrupt or block the pain signals, reducing the feeling of pain and providing relief to the affected area.

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