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Mantra is the only Lifestyle Health Club in Kolkata. These days there are gyms at every corner charging astronomical amounts to simply build muscles, but we at Mantra believe in not only building muscles but also in building lives.

Mantra started way back in 2001 with a single branch in Tobin Road. . Within the next decade Mantra expanded in the form of Life style Health Club, Corporate Consultancy services, OPY clinic, Fitness Academe across the city and several district of west Bengal Under the careful guidance of Subhabrata Bhattacharjee (Founder Director), and Mr. Dipanjan Bhattacharjee (Founder Director), Mantra had conquered many milestones in its journey spanning 19 years.

Mantra – the institution stands on three pillars, honesty, honesty, and honesty. Integrity and dedication are the bedrock on which we have build our reputation and institution. The fitness industry in Kolkata unfortunately has lost much of its credibility due to shady packages, impossible promises and push selling of nutritional supplements.
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Mission & Vision

To make healthier INDIA by improving HEALTH ASSET VALUE of every Indian.

  • Prevention of disease & promotion of good health & mind through monthly general and medical assessment & regular exercise programme.
  • Setting up of individual health & fitness goal by assessing strength, endurance, and flexibility and nutritional condition of an individual.
  • Keep motivation level high of an individual, through innovative scientific exercise regimen with positive and healthy ambiance to accomplished the seat goal.
  • Identifying the short coming and positive aspect of health fitness and therapeutic issues and rate them accordingly to monitor the progress and to set up the INDIAN standard of fitness rating.

From the very first Mantra has steered clear of such practises. We have always maintained a thoroughly honest and research oriented attitude towards developing different types of exercise programme and packages to benefit diverse segments of people in the society. One of our most acclaimed package “Magic Mantra Weight loss” is running for the past seventeen years benefitting thousands of members. Dia- fit paclake, Obesity – knee pain& back pain, Value plus Kid’s package, Mukti programme for kidney patients , various types of Meditation classes are only a few among many of our services which reflect our research centric and customer need based approach, unfortunately the most neglected in today’s Indian fitness industry .
We believe that transparency and clarity are the true paths which can lead to long term success and fruitful associations. Our goodwill which has spread mainly through word of mouth and the success rates of our members speak volumes about the truth in our assumption.

Our approach is based on Quality Training Protocol and Medical and Fitness Data Archiving Procedure. We have segmented the concept of fitness into six parts, comprising of Cardio Coach, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist, Gym teacher, Fitness Technician and Physiotherapist. This enables the members to benefit from six specialists in a general service package without shelling out extra money for personal trainers. Specialized general training and customized personal training make our service unique and incomparable. Apart from this we assess the health reports of every member in detail and at regular intervals. The gradual improvement of a member’s fitness level when shown in concrete data and figures not only motivates them to do better but helps us to guide them properly and is extremely helpful in spotting early signs of diseases. We have qualified Physiotherapists in our team who have helped us to develop Biomechanical Screening Procedure, Therapeutic Exercise and Pain Management Programme. These programs help us to guide our members scientifically each step of the way.

Our scientific approach has led eminent therapist Dr. Prodip Chakraborty have appreciated our approach and collaborated with us in to state up P O Y( Pain management, Obesity, Yoga) clinic our Lake Town Branch, Swasth Mantra. But it is not only the health of the body which is our priority. Mantra regularly involves itself in several programs promoting social awareness. This includes seminars, workshops and rallies against drug abuse, in association with Kolkata police and Barrackpore Police Commissionerate and others NGOS throughout the year to raise social awareness.

Also the Mantra members are a part of our family and there are a host of cultural events held throughout the year to promote bonding and fellow feeling. For instance we celebrate everything from the beautiful occasion of Holi in the form of Phagun Utsav to our Independence Day together. We have not forgotten that the biggest crisis our world faces today is that of emotional alienation. We believe that friends and fellow feelings make a community stronger and healthier.

Therefore we can safely say that Mantra tries to promote well being at every level, physical, mental and emotional. This is precisely why we are so much more than a health club…we are a lifestyle club! We believe that sharing of wisdom only increases it. Therefore to share the knowledge we have gathered during the course of our journey, we had launched the first branch of Mantra Institute Of Health and fitness Management (MIHFM) in Kolkata, way back in 2011. MIHFM was established under W.B. Societies Registration Act 1961 in the year 2012. And in the same year MIHFM got affiliated to Netaji Subhas Open University and now MIHFM is the sole franchise of Gayo Fitness Academy of Mumbai in West Bengal and has recently spread out to parts of North Bengal( Siliguri).

Mantra Institute Of Health and fitness Management( MIHFM) is an unique concept, not only because it allows us to share our wealth of wisdom and experience with others but also because it allows us to train our own specialists at par with the best in the international circuit. The curriculum and evaluation process of MIHFM allows for constant up gradation, matching the continuously evolving Health & Body Industry at every step. We hope that these steps eventually lead to a healthier community and a thus a healthier nation.


    4/2, S.N. Banerjee Road, Kolkata - 700 120
    Call: 033 2545 2738, 97484 88321


    29F, B.T. Road, (Ground Floor) Kolkata - 700 002
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    71/62/76 Bag Station Road, Pantaloons Building, pin: 743145
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