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The Mantra Institute of Fitness Management (MIHFM) was established under W.B.

Societies Registration Act 1961 in the year 2012. With the affiliation of Netaji Subhash Open University and BPCA’s College of Physical Education (BPCACPE) which is permanently affiliated to the University of Mumba MIHFM conducted many workshop and courses on Health and Fitness for last 10 years has started the Yoga certification courses from 2021 with Approved By : Exam Center PQMS PrCB

Yoga Certification Board (YCB), Ministry Of AYUSH, Govt Of India

About Ministry of Ayush

Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homoeopathy

….was formed to ensure optimal development and propagation of AYUSH systems of health care
Earlier it was known as the Department of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy (ISM&H) and renamed as Department AYUSH with focus on development of Education & Research in Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy

Mission & Vision

To make Healthier India by providing high-quality Health and Fitness educations to the society

MIHFM is unconditionally committed to providing the highest quality education and training programs in the realm of Health and Fitness available in order to – - offer world class career opportunities in Fitness, Sports and Nutrition in the context of not only today’s but tomorrow’s world.

About YCB – Yoga Certification Board

YCB – Yoga Certification Board is constituted under MDNIY (Murarji Desai National Institute of Yoga) w.e.f March 2018 to execute and implement the scheme. For more information visitm http://yogacertification.qci.org.in/

About the Scheme

A Unique Yoga Certification Scheme

Government Recognized, Internationally Acclaimed

The scheme offers four certifications at the basic and advanced levels namely

Yoga Volunteer (YV)

Level 1 for Yoga Protocol Instructor, (YPI)

Level 2 Yoga Wellness Instructor (YPI)

Level 3 Yoga Teachers & Evaluator.(YT&E)

There is no restriction on age, qualification, training or experience to appear for assessment


Indian Council of Cultural Relations will

- Sponsor Certified Yoga Professionals to travel Overseas

- Mandate YCB certification for all overseas Yoga Appointments


- Certified Candidates are listed on website of Ministry of AYUSH


- Govt Recruitments in Schools, Colleges, Yoga Institutions & other assignments will be from Certified Professionals in India & Abroad


Yoga Studios

Schools (Government & Private)

Gyms & Fitness Centres

Corporate Offices

Work Privately

At Health Cares, Spas and Hotels

Course details:

1. About Certification Program: Yoga Certification Board in its objectives to bring synergy, quality and uniformity in knowledge and skills of Yoga professionals across the world has proposed to conduct the following certification programs under the two categories in phase manner:

Yoga Education and Training –

  • Level 1 (Yoga Protocol Instructor)
  • Level 2 (Yoga Wellness Instructor)
  • Level 3 (Yoga Teacher & Evaluator) Level
  • 4(Yoga Master) (Yet to formulate the guidelines)

Yoga Therapy –

  • Assistant Yoga Therapist (Yet to formulate the guidelines)
  • Yoga Therapist (Yet to formulate the guidelines) Yoga Therapy Consultant (Yet to formulate the guidelines)

1.1 Certification of Yoga professionals: Yoga Certification Board has started certification of Yoga professionals for three levels under Yoga Education and Training category from 1st April 2019. Functions, competencies and credit points of three levels are as follows:

Level Name Certificate holder can function as Competencies Credit points
I Yoga Protocol Instructor Yoga Instructors for teaching basics of Yoga to teach common Yoga protocol developed by the Ministry of AYUSH for International Day of Yoga, for classes in parks, societies etc., for prevention of diseases and promotion of health. Equivalent to not less than 200 hours of Yoga course 12 credits
II Yoga Wellness Instructor Yoga Instructor to teach Yoga for prevention of illness and promotion of wellness in schools, Yoga studios, work places etc. Equivalent to not less than 400 hours of Yoga course 24 creditss
III Yoga Teacher & Evaluator Master Trainers in Yoga educational Institutions, Yoga training Courses and training programs. He or she can also act as Evaluator and assessor of Yoga professionals and can teach in studios, institutions, colleges/ universities / institutions of higher learning. Equivalent to 800 hours of Yoga course 46 creditss

1.2 Validity of Certificate:Validity of the certificate will be counted from the date of declaration of result. Validity of the certificate under different levels will be as per the following:

Level Name of certificate Validity
I Yoga Protocol Instructor 5 Years
II Yoga Wellness Instructor 3 Years
III Yoga Teacher & Evaluator 3 Years

1.3 Issuing of Certificate:The successful / passed candidates shall be issued Certificate and ID card with unique number by the YCB.

1.4 Re-issue of Certificate:The applicant will have to pay certification fee, if he/she request for duplicate certificate.

1.5 Renewal of certificate: The candidate, certified under different levels, has to appear in the Continuing Yoga• Education (CYE) program for renewal of his/her certificate. Certified Yoga Professionals shall have to attend the CYEP before expiry of the• certificate for its renewal. (Refer to CYE program guidelines for more details).

2. Assessment procedure for certification of Yoga Professionals.

2.1 The assessment of Yoga Professionals shall be in two stages – Theory and Practical.

2.2 The maximum marks for the 3 levels of assessment will be 200 each and the distribution of the marks shall be as follows:

Certificate Level Theory Practical
Demonstration Teaching Skill Evaluation Skill Application of Knowledge Field exp Total Maximum Marks
Level :1 Yoga protocol instruction 60 80 40 - 10 10 140
Level : 2 Yoga wellness Instruction 60 80 40 - 10 10 140
Level:3 Yoga Teacher and evaluator 80 80 20 20 10 10 120

2.3 The number of questions marks per question and duration of theory exam for the three levels shall be as follows:

Certificate Level No. of question Maximum Marks Duration of theory exam
Level 1: Yoga Protocol 60 of 1 mark each 60 of 1 mark each 2.0 hrs.
Level 2: Yoga Wellness 60 of 1 mark each 60 of 1 mark each 2.0 hrs
Level 3: Yoga Teacher & Evaluator 80 of 1 mark each 2.0 hrs

2.4 Any candidate applying for the certificate has to appear in both the exams – Theory and Practical.

2.5 No. of questions will be equally divided in all the units.

2.6 The theory exam will comprise of Multiple Choice questions

2.7 The candidates shall mark the answer in Optical Mark Reader (OMR) sheet.

2.8 There will be no negative marks in the written examination.

2.9 Theory exam paper of Yoga Professionals will be bilingual – English & Hindi. For exam in other language, the question paper will be in English and in the chosen language of exam.

2.10 If error is observed in the question in Hindi or other languages, the question in English languages shall be considered the correct question.

2.11 If some error is observed in the question paper, it shall be referred to the competent authority and competent authority shall take a view on it and decide on grace marks.

2.12 The candidate shall return both question paper and OMR sheet to the invigilator/center in charge after completing the paper or after the examination time.

2.13 Candidate absence in either of the theory exam or practical exam will be considered as fail. However, if any candidate who takes theory exam but is absent in practical exam, his/ her request for reconsideration for appearing in practical exam on some other date, may be considered by the assessing agency in exceptional cases on merit basis.

2.14 For practical, each candidate shall be assessed for not more than one hour. Duration of the practical assessment will however be at the discretion of the assessor within the maximum time as mentioned above.

2.15 Practical shall include Demonstration, Teaching skill, Therapy skill, Evaluation skill, application of knowledge and field Experience as per the level of certification.

2.16 The candidate has to secure qualifying marks both in theory and practical independently.

a. If the candidates secures qualifying marks in practical but fails in theory, he/she can reappear for theory exam only once within 3 month of declaration of result. The candidate shall have to deposit the prescribed fee for appearing in the theory exam.

b. If the candidate secures qualifying marks in theory but fails in practical, he/ she is treated as fail and he/she shall have to appear for the exam as fresh candidate. In YCB guidelines for Yoga Professionals 3 such condition, the full assessment fee shall have to be paid by the candidate. His/her unique enrolment no. shall be valid.

2.17 The candidate has to secure 70% marks in each of the theory and practical to qualify/ pass the assessment. However maximum 5% of grace marks will be given either for theory or practical paper but overall qualifying percentage shall remain 70%. In case marks are in decimal figure, it shall be rounded off to higher number.

3. Re-checking of Marks: If the candidate is not satisfied with the result, he/she can request the concern PrCBs /.

  • Institution for re-checking of theory exam by paying the prescribed fee for rechecking. Re-checking is limited to the calculation of marks.
  • The candidate can request about the re-checking of marks within 15 days from the date of declaration of result. If the candidate is still not satisfied, he/she can request the concerned PrCB/ Institution
  • • for re-checking of the answer sheet in his / her presence. The concerned agency shall arrange the OMR sheet and question paper in the presence of examiner on receipt of the prescribed fee. In no case, the candidate is allowed to take the question papers / OMR sheet or its copy along with him/her. The concerned PrCB / Institution will response within 30 days from the date of application

4.Application procedure for certification of Yoga Professionals.

Provide Your Details: Write a mail to the secretary MIHFM( MIHFM2020@GMAIL.COM) with the following details.

A.Name ( In block letter ) B. Guardians Name. C. Address. Date of Birth. E. Phone no: F. Passport Size Photos (preferably white background): G. Adhaar Card or any other ID Proof like Voter ID / Driving License / Passport / PAN Card etc.

After getting all the details MIHFM will provide registration link to the registered mobile number for registration

Level Registration Fees
( Including GST)
Tutionfees Total Class Timing Duration
Volunteer 60 of 1 mark each 60 of 1 mark each Rs 2990/- 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm 36 hours or One Month
Level : 1 Rs 3835 Rs 10,000/- Rs 13835/- 8.30 pm to 9.50 pm 3 month
Level: 2 Rs 5605 Rs 12000/- Rs 17605/- 8.30 pm to 9.50 pm 8.30 pm to 9.50 pm 4 month
Level 3 Rs 7375 Rs 15000/- Rs 22375/- 8.30 pm to 9.50 pm 4 month

5. Rejection of application: The application can be cancelled under following circumstances

a. If the applicant does not provide the required information within 7 working days from the date of intimation to the applicant.

b. The application shall be rejected, if it is found that the information provided is incorrect

c. The applicant, whose certificate was cancelled / application rejected because of violation of terms & conditions and/or malpractice during exam shall not be eligible to apply.

6. Cancellation / suspension / debarment from certification of YCB Yoga Professional

a. If the candidate is found engaged in malpractice in the examination, his/her application shall be rejected. The candidate shall be debarred /suspended from appearing in the certification examination of Yoga Professionals for 3 years.

b. If any evidence of misconduct is observed during examination the candidate will not be allowed to appear for 3 years in any of the assessment for certification for Yoga Professionals conducted under YCB.

7. Syllabus: Download PDF ( L1, L2, L3)

8. Class Schedule: Download

9. Upcoming courses

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