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Mantra has always believed in a Mind & Body approach which means that we try to offer health and fitness solutions which benefits both the Mind and the Body simultaneously. These days our lives have grown much more hectic and stressful than they were even a decade earlier, the need for this kind of a dual approach is now more than ever specially when physio-somatic diseases like Diabetics and Hypertension are spreading like epidemic in India.
Yoga, the ancient Indian miracle is perfectly suitable for this because it in actuality does benefit mind and body both, at Mantra we offer separate classes for Hata Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, which enables practitioners to learn this ancient skill of healing with moreefficient manner.

Hata Yoga

Hata Yoga classes at Mantra emphasise upon Mind & Body approach and works towards releasing the various stress induced knots in our mind and body through a set of different asanas.

With meticulous research we have designed various sets of asana for Hata Yoga classes aimed to release the dormant energy; the body becomes full of vitality and strength, the mind becomes light, creative, joyful and balanced.


Pranayama is the yogic practice that regulates prana (bioplasmic energy), possibly the most important function of the body. The correct way of regulated, controlled and conscious breathing can improve the body’s functions wonderfully.

At Mantra we offer a comprehensive Pranayama programme called “Breathing Mantra For Life”( BML) which induces conscious breathing pattern for our peace of mind in a disease free healthy body.


The competition driven urban existence also operates on fear. Every day, everybody is driven slowly towards the edge with several minor and major feelings of fear. We fear losing a loved one, or losing our jobs or losing our health. In the changing scenario of corporatization of hospitals, selling of health package with the notion of “fear psychosis” becomes common practice and it is prevalent across all market segments.These phenomena of carefully created and marketed mass anxiety may also have a host of physiological and psychological side effects like sleeplessness, decreasing immunity and mood swings.

Meditation can be a great healer and help drastically in minimizing these pangs of dread and anxiety. At Mantra we have developed a unique curriculum to teach the intricate techniques of Meditation in an easy manner, so that everybody can benefit from the Magic benefit of a happy life.

Yoga Nidra Meditation: Yoga Nidra is a highly evolved technique of inducing complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation. It is a state of relaxed awareness, situated on the borderline between sleep and wakefulness, allowing contact with subconscious and unconscious minds, while remaining, awake, and aware.

Under excellent guidance the Yoga Nidra classes at Mantra have been a wonderful success and have brought peace and serenity to many of our members.

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Trataka Meditation: Trataka Meditation is another one of our success stories. This technique is very effective in improving focus and concentration, memory and relieving anxiety to a great extent.

Physiologically Trataka relives eye ailments such as eyestrain and headache, myopia and even early stage s of cataract. It is considered therapeutic in depression, insomnia and even allergy.

Sound Healing Meditation: Sound Healing Meditation or the use of Sound to induce relaxation and improve concentration is an ancient one. If we closely study the ancient practises of old we can note the benefits of chanting and prayers on the body and the mind. This technique once lost in the folds of time has now been thankfully revived. Special Sound Healing classes are held at Mantra regularly to detoxify the cells with sound vibrations, improve speech, self confidence and emotional balance as well as helping people to recover from trauma at a psychological level. On a physical level it helps to minimize pain and heal many bodily disorders. Sound is the future of healing and we have already gone today where the world will go tomorrow. Mantra is the only place in this city where all the treasures and wisdom of Yoga is available under a single umbrella.


India, The home of yogis, brought about world changing scientific medicines and gifted us with the earliest school of medicine Ayurveda, the knowledge of longevity. The fount of yogasutrawhich speaks of connecting mind with the body, bridging meditation & medication and elevating one’s physical existence & spirituality for one’s overall well-being. Despite boasting of a such a rich culture of health, medicine & lifestyle, the current health statistics are un-nerving.

Realising the need of organised effort to combat the lack of awareness & to introduce new approaches to face the silent epidemic of Kidney diseases Dr. Pratimhas taken an initiative, MUKTI, the kidney care Mantra.

Mukti, the effort taken by Kidney care society in collaboration with one of the renowned Yoga teacher Mr. SubhabrataBhattacharjee and the director of Mantra Lifestyle health club,is focused upon the ultimate well-being of patients suffering from kidney disease. It is a comprehensive blend of modern medicine with ancient yoga system focusing organ cross talk. It is simple to learn and practice but have profound effects of physical and mental well-being.

Mukti introduces three levels of breathing techniques which are called BML( Breathing Mantra for life ) 1, BML2 & BML3.

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