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HAV: Know Your Health, Know Your Self

We have 206 bones, 600 muscles, 100 billion nerves and 30 trillion cell in our body. , The world population is 8 trillion, so we can imagine what types of monumental jobs our amazing body is performing day to day. The most sophisticated machine in the world “ The human body” which we have got it absolutely free from god. This physical body is the biggest asset in our life. But is there any matric through which we can measure the value of this biggest asset?

In share market the value of share is represented by a metrics known as Net Asset Value (NAV) but do we have any metrics through which we can assess the biggest asset of our life our Physical Body?

This question was unanswered for log time!! Unless a group of researcher from Mantra health club unveil the answer by introducing HAV (Health Asset Value) report with the help of up graded BIA( Bioelectric Impedance analysis ) technology.

This report will gives us a dipper introspection and invaluable observation of our Physical health by producing data like Metabolic Age, Resting Metabolic Rate ( BMR), Body fat%, Visceral and Subcutaneous fat % , Lean body mass %,Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure,Oxygen saturation level,Waist Hip ratio,waist circumference . This report not only produce data it also comes out with a score or metrics through which we can measure the biggest asset of our life our Physical Health in a better way.

HAV report will help regular exerciser for


Prevent life style diseases


Goal or target set for an exercise


Motivate exercise to achieve the goal


Knowing the proper rating of fitness helps exerciser to fix up goal and motivation


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