The Mantra Institute of Health and Fitness Management
In order to fill-up the demand gap of the trained and educated fitness trainers The Mantra Institute of Health and Fitness Management (MIHFM) was formed.

Fitness and wellness industry in India, unlike developed countries, are dominated and dictated by quacks who has no formal training, education and certification from recognized bodies in imparting fitness training to consumers in line with the industry standard followed elsewhere. As a result ,in many cases consumers fail to receive the value for money and the benefits they deserve for the time ,effort and money invested by them.

Govt. of India is seriously concerned and for the benefit of the consumers contemplating to introduce some uniform standards and good practice for the fitness professionals.

Therefore, there is tremendous scope and opportunities for trained professionals to meet the rising demand of the industry and the market needs more and more trained and educated fitness professionals.

MIHFM all along being an established resource of both fitness professionals and consumers had been providing comprehensive, unbiased scientific research impacting the fitness industry.

Mission & Vision

To make Healthier India by providing high-quality Health and Fitness educations to the society

MIHFM is unconditionally committed to providing the highest quality education and training programs in the realm of Health and Fitness available in order to – - offer world class career opportunities in Fitness, Sports and Nutrition in the context of not only today’s but tomorrow’s world.

About the Institute

In order to fill up the demand gap of the trained and educated fitness trainers The Mantra Institute of Fitness Management (MIHFM) was established under W.B. Societies Registration Act 1961 in the year 2012. In the Same year MIHFM got affiliation of Netaji Subhas Open University.

The affiliation empowers the institute to offer One Year Diploma In Fitness Management course (DFM). MIHFM successfully completed four batches of DFM with 100% placement of the students. But somewhere at the end we felt. Our students need more national and internal national exposer to set the sky as a limit for their career.

To accomplished this mission Mr. Subhabrata Bhattacharjee the Secretary of MIHFM and director Mantra Health Club and Mr Dilip Heble CEO Gayo Fitness Academy and fitness science counselor of Mumbai University joints hands together and singed MOU which empower MIHFM as sole franchisee Of Gayo fitness Academy for Kolkata & West Bengal in the 1st day of Jun 2017. This endeavor opens up national and International certification avenue for fitness professional of Kolkata and West Bengal.

Upcoming Courses

Branch Course Name Date Time
CHIRIAMORE Certificate Course Of Personal Fitness Trainer 01/12/2019 11:14 AM
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Training Center

29F, B.T. Road, (Ground Floor) Kolkata- 700 002
Faculty: https://www.gayofitnessacademy.com/faculty/

Career Prospect

Today, Fitness in India is estimated to be a Rs. 4,000 crores industry based on science and healing.

Interestingly, Fitness in India still continues to be an “unorganized” industry sector pre-dominated by small, local “gyms”. According to one knowledgeable source, fitness business in India touches the lives of a mere 0.5% of the population as compared to about 4% in Asia and 12% in the USA.

Over 1.27 billion Indians wish to lead healthier, fitter lives. Business and Industry want their employees to be more productive and image conscious. Schools want their students to be healthier, fitter and smarter!

Commercial fitness clubs (“gyms”) apart, there is immense scope for working as fitness specialists with SPA’s, resorts, sports teams, hospitals, educational institutions and business organizations.

To add glamour – and money – are the burgeoning professional Sports Leagues and the top down effect these events are having across the country at levels of competitive sport.

There is the huge range of fitness clubs or gyms out there – from gyms with mud-packed floors to fancy, deluxe clubs and resorts.

The fastest growing segment is, of course, in personal training! Another segment catching up rapidly is sports conditioning thanks to the widespread professionalization of Sport.

So, it is no surprise then to witness an attractive 20% rate of annual growth in the Indian Fitness Business!

All experts agree that the biggest challenge to the growth of Fitness in India is the dearth of Fitness Professionals educated and trained to world standards.

Gāyo believes in the “16 X 8 Matrix”

There are 16 fitness goals (e.g. fat loss, medical rehab, muscle mass, etc) that a person may aspire too.

These goals can be achieved through a permutation & combination of eight training methodologies: Strength Training (weights), Special Resistance Training (e.g. Pilates, Plyometrics, Functional Strength Training, etc), Diet Management, Nutrition & Supplementation, Sports Medicine & (medical rehab through) Exercise Therapy, Sports Psychology, Biomechanics (sport conditioning) and Alternative Therapies (e.g. Yoga, SPA). A world-class fitness professional must be able to deliver through the medium of the eight training technologies any of the 16 fitness goals that his / her client may pursue.

A fitness professional who masters this matrix is assured of a world-class career in Fitness which tops in the emotional joy of helping clients and earning lucratively.

Gāyo Fitness Academy continually seeks to help its students build rewarding employment and/or business opportunities.


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