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HAV: Know Your Health, Know Your Self

In today's materialistic world we are busy chasing money and objects at the cost of our most important wealth– 'Our Health'. While all of us are aware of the age old saying, "Health is the Greatest Wealth!" we choose to ignore it at the cost of our mental serenity and physical stability. We at Mantra, the first Lifestyle Health Club of Kolkata, have made it our motto to spread awareness on the fact that "Health is the Greatest Wealth" among our members, to actually accumulate the wealth which matters most. To ensure this, for the first time in India, we have introduced the unique concept of Health Asset Value Report (HAV).

The purpose of this programme is to help our members assess the status of their health on a regular basis and be aware of their Health Asset Value (HAV). Through Six Exclusive Health and Fitness Assessment Programme we assess your health and fitness levels to give you a detailed and completely customized Health Asset Value (HAV) report. This exclusive HAV report will encourage you with the following.


To help you take preventive measures on health and fitness issues and lastly and most importantly


To help you to set your fitness goal


To stay motivated on a daily exercise routine


To help you to know your fitness rating.


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